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A Libyan Odyssey

Sherif Dhaimish tells the story of his father, Hasan, who fled Benghazi as a teenager for Burnley in England, where he later cut a name for himself as ‘The Cleaver’


Threads of Continuity

Kriti Bajaj remembers a recent trio of New Delhi-based exhibitions involving India, Iran, and the UK, which provided a novel and comprehensive overview of Zoroastrian culture, art, and identity

Mahsa Alikhani

Something Better

‘… We know that we will always slip through those cracks and slide between those fingers …’ – Joobin Bekhrad muses on the age-old Iranian art of escapism

Tareq Sayed Rajab de Montfort

Heaven’s Scent

Al Jazeera’s Ali Al-Woozain embarks on a journey around the world to discover the origins of oud and the beloved scent of his childhood days in Qatar

Reza Derakshani

Seeing Red

Joobin Bekhrad tells the story of Iranian artist-cum-rock and roller Reza Derakshani, from his days in the villages of Damavand and Sangsar to his wanderings in post-Revolution Iran and America