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Kabreet - Bidayat

Playing with Fire

A match made in Berlin: Yemeni-German duo Kabreet is back with Bidayat

‘I think, musically, the title refers to the fact that we are slowly starting to actually feel like we are ready and owning this whole thing’, Ibi Ibrahim told me as he explained the reasoning behind choosing Bidayat (Beginnings) as the title for Yemeni-German duo Kabreet‘s (meaning ‘matchstick’ in Arabic) second album. Ibi’s multiple creative ventures are never just a ‘thing’, and the owning up is a journey from beginning to end. Joined by his bandmate Hanno Stecher, a former journalist, DJ, and hip-hop aficionado with a particular love for Beirut (which he visited on a whim after hearing some tunes from its underground bands), the two comprise Kabreet.

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Interview: A-WA

Valeriya Nakshun and Franz Afraim Katzir of Sephardic Heritage in D.C. (SHIN-DC) talk to the Haim sisters about the Yemenite-Jewish musical phenomenon that is A-WA

Hassan Hajjaj

Gnaoua or Never

Alexander Jusdanis investigates how champions of Morocco’s traditional gnaoua music are adapting their practices to stay fresh and keep up with current trends

Mehmet Erdem

Blame it on Mehmet

It ain’t easy being Mehmet Erdem. Before a concert in Washington, D.C., Ezgi Üstündağ sat down with the singer to talk about his journey from small-town boy to big-city rocker.

Pashto Pop

Pirate Modernity

Perwana Nazif talks to Timothy P.A. Cooper and Abeera Arif Bashir of London’s Pirate Modernity radio programme about their search for some of Afghanistan’s funkiest sounds on tape

Islam Chipsy

High Voltage

Nicolas Gilles, a Frenchman living and working in Cairo, looks at the Egyptian musical phenomenon that is ‘electro-chaabi‘ and contrasts its trajectory with that of hip-hop in France

Asli Dogan

Dancing in the Street

Ezgi Üstündağ talks to Aslı Doğan and Richard Laniepce of the Turkish group Kolektif Istanbul about their infectious blend of göbek atmak and making it big in the city