Reorient Magazine

Cover artwork by Melodie Hojabr-Sadat

Reorient /rēˈôrēˌent/ (v)
1. Change the focus or direction of
2. Find one’s position again in relation to one’s surroundings

REORIENT is a publication celebrating the contemporary arts and culture of the Middle East and the surrounding region. As the name suggests, we’re here to provide a fresh and modern perspective on topics related to the arts and culture of the Middle East, and positively change the way people – including Middle Easterners themselves – view this vast, diverse, and culturally-rich region.

Over the years, we’ve also been mentioned and acknowledged by prestigious institutions and publications such as Christie’s, Art Dubai, Canvas, Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia, Cornucopia, the Cairo Review of Global Affairs, The Guardian, Newsweek, The Globe and Mail, and the Huffington Post, to name a few, and have had our articles republished in various languages by arts magazines and websites in all corners of the globe.

Founded in 2012 by award-winning writer and critic Joobin Bekhrad, REORIENT is a non-religious, non-political, non-partisan, and non-ideological entity made possible by the efforts of contributors around the world.

Founder & Editor
Joobin Bekhrad

Advisory Board
Shahdad Bekhrad
Shirin Jelveh


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