Serkan Adin

State of the Art

How two Turkish women have been making Istanbul a hub for contemporary art

Now in its third year, ArtInternational Istanbul – Turkey’s youngest contemporary art fair – has been bringing renowned international galleries and collectors to Istanbul, both from the region as well as further abroad. Though it, along with other institutions such as Contemporary Istanbul and Istanbul Modern, have firmly established themselves by the Bosphorus, it hasn’t been particularly easy. Turkish galleries and art institutions are predominantly privately owned and supported – as in Iran, for instance) – and receive little support (if any) from the government. As a result, certain collectors, entrepreneurs, curators, and enthusiasts, responding to the exigencies of time and place, have taken on the responsibility of establishing venues and undertaking projects on varying scales for the exhibition and promotion of contemporary art. Sevda Elgiz and Başak Şenova are two such examples.

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Sadik Kwaish Alfraji

Many Rivers to Cross

Siobhan Forshaw talks to Sadik Kwaish Alfraji about his recent exhibitions in Dubai and London revolving around a little boy in Baghdad

Youssef Nabil

Across the Universe

An exhibition of contemporary Arab art from the UAE’s Barjeel Art Foundation prompts Joobin Bekhrad to reflect on identity, belonging, and notions of ‘home’

Mohammed AlKouh

In Living Colour

Artist Tareq Sayed Rajab de Montfort talks to Mohammed AlKouh about his romantic and ethereal hand-coloured photographs of the quotidian in Kuwait

Youssef Nabil - Natacha Atlas

Shakin’ All Over

Dina Lobo looks at the lost art of raqs sharqi and the legacy of one of its foremost exponents lauded by Edward Said, the Egyptian dancer Tahia Carioca

Madreseye Mooshha

Bright Mice, Big City

Sahar Allamezade examines the evolution of a beloved Iranian children’s television programme from the 80s to the present and the sociocultural implications of the changes along the way