Hassan Hajjaj

The Importance of Being Hassan

Sweet and sour, but never a dull moment: the colourful career of Hassan … err, Sir Hassan Hajjaj

If you ever happen to be sauntering about Mister Hajjaj’s neighbourhood looking for a good time, do pay the man a visit – if he’s in, of course (and, if it isn’t pissing down like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t ask me why, but whenever I get out of the tube in Shoreditch, there’s hell to pay.). At Larache, the little shop of wonders named after his hometown in Morocco, there will be sights and sounds to delight your eyes and ears. You will sip on freshly brewed mint tea, recline on technicolour poufs, chat with someone you feel you’ve known for twenty-odd years, and tap your feet to hip-hop straight outta the ‘Kesh, while passersby pop in and out shouting, ‘Ey, ‘Assan!’ Well, maybe I’m exaggerating, but that’s what comes to mind at the moment.

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Persian Windmills

Wild is the Wind

In search of the world’s oldest windmills, Jippe Kreuning – the son of a Dutch miller – embarks on a journey to Khorasan in northeastern Iran, along with a Persian phrasebook

Asli Dogan

Dancing in the Street

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Sabahattin Ali

Madonna in a Fur Coat

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Qais Essar

Raag and Roll

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Qajar wine

Ramblings of an Iranian Wino

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