Mea Culpa

Ideas of home, displacement, and migration converge in Ghazel’s latest exhibition

Walking into a gallery space punctuated with works subject to viewers’ experiences and possessing the ability to be read through those experiences: an exhilarating sensation. ‘Global contemporary’ is a moniker that commonly encompasses a tradition of obscurity for obscurity’s sake, a fearful label that connotes unapproachability for the masses. It speaks to the elitism of a world of characters that effortlessly transmigrate, hopping from one biennial to another, with other art fairs scheduled in-between. Ghazel’s work, however, is explicit in democratising thematic enterprise, and it is this plain-spoken and sensitive treatment of diaspora and exile that has made her latest solo exhibition, Mea Culpa (Latin for ‘my fault’) so successful.

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Fahmida Riaz


Aysha Khan examines the effacement of the female voice in the literary traditions of the Persianate world, from the days of the Mughals to the present


Hye Times

US-based DJ and filmmaker Lara Sarkissian – alternatively known as Foozool – presents a playlist of vintage tracks from her mother’s stash of Armenian and Persian vinyl records


Lights, Camera, Revolution

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Orhan Pamuk - Snow

Beneath the Snow

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Gabriele Basilico

Iran, 1970

‘I feel the warmth of Zarathustra’s flame, and see everywhere the bluest blue, of the earth of Khorasan …’ – Joobin Bekhrad on the journeys of a young Gabriele Basilico in Iran in 1970

Reza Derakshani

Seeing Red

Joobin Bekhrad tells the story of Iranian artist-cum-rock and roller Reza Derakshani, from his days in the villages of Damavand and Sangsar to his wanderings in post-Revolution Iran and America