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White Sun of the Desert

From Tashkent to Tbilisi

Brigands, burqas, and bushy eyebrows: Central Asia and the Caucasus in Soviet cinema

My ability to speak Russian like a native constantly brings about assumptions about my ethnic heritage, from jokes about vodka and imitations of Russian accents to comments about how I should be used to cold weather, whenever I so much as shiver. I, along with many Russian-speaking Central Asians and Caucasians (i.e. from the Caucasus) from countries belonging to the former Soviet Union, are caught in an identity limbo. How, for example, do I explain why it is that I’m more fluent in Russian than my native Juhuri, a Jewish variety of the Iranian Tati language closely related to Persian? Today, I force myself to wrap my tongue around the few Tati phrases I know, in a desperate effort to preserve what is left of my identity – an identity that is falling like sand through the spaces between my fingers. In the past two generations, my family’s heritage was subdued under Russian dominance; and now, as immigrants, we’ve had to adopt new American identities.

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Bahman Jalali

Iranian Voices

Lizzy Vartanian Collier visits the British Museum to explore a small, yet telling exhibition of works on paper bringing together past and current generations of Iranian artists

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Fables for Adults

Miniature paintings, big trouble, not a damn given – Joseph Flaherty travels to Istanbul to visit the studio of the artist formerly known as Canan Şenol

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Mahsa Alikhani

Something Better

‘… We know that we will always slip through those cracks and slide between those fingers …’ – Joobin Bekhrad muses on the age-old Iranian art of escapism