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Nazif Topcuoglu

Cold Turkey

Turkish artist Nazif Topçuoğlu gives Joobin Bekhrad the skinny on his career, his detractors, and the trials of producing art in present-day Istanbul

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Serkan Adin

State of the Art

Ahead of the third edition of ArtInternational Istanbul, Joobin Bekhrad talks to museum owner Sevda Elgiz and curator Başak Şenova about the fair, their projects, and the Turkish art scene

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Babak Roshaninejad

Young Turks

Joobin Bekhrad talks to Dyala Nusseibeh about the forthcoming sights and spectacles of the second edition of Turkey’s newest art fair, ArtInternational

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Ara Guler

In Search of Lost Time

Ara Güler’s photographs of Anatolia not only challenge distinctions between photojournalism and art, but also notions of Turkish history and identity

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