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Sama Alshaibi

The Sea is Mine

Curator and writer Rachel Dedman looks at issues of migration, displacement, and memory in her reflection on Palestine’s recent Qalandiya International biennial

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Palestinian Museum

At the Seams

Alexandra Talty visits the inaugural exhibition of the newly founded Palestinian Museum to investigate the sociopolitical history and richness of the traditional Palestinian art of embroidery

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Sayed Kashua


Sarah Aziza chats with acclaimed Hebrew-language author Sayed Kashua about the Arab-Israeli experience and his latest book, Native: Dispatches from an Israeli-Palestinian Life

Larissa Sansour


In the third and final installment of her science fiction trilogy, acclaimed artist Larissa Sansour explores Palestinian identity, the rewriting of history, and claims to Palestine

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Larissa Sansour

The Aesthetics of Exile

A look at the use of the Nakba and the resistance as subjects in contemporary Palestinian art, as well as thoughts on the aesthetics of Palestinian ‘liberation art’

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Khaled Hourani

Palestinian Idol

Inaya Hodeib talks to Palestinian artist, curator, and critic Khaled Hourani about his first-ever retrospective at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts

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Omar Hany Abu Assad

Welcome to the Jungle

A look at the use of simian symbolism in ‘Omar’ by Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad, and ‘Bastardo’ by Tunisian director Nejib Belkadhi

Mahmoud Darwish

Two Metres of this Land

‘… Palestine will continue to develop and mature, despite its shrinking corporeal form; it will insist on its existence, refusing to be forgotten’