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Jamal Penjweny

Iraqi Odyssey

‘Straddling a telling of his family’s history and that of Iraq from Ottoman times to the present, Samir’s aptly named film is nothing short of epic

Khyam Allami

Oud Dude

Iraqi-British musician Khyam Allami talks to Joobin Bekhrad about the oud, classical Arabic music, rock and roll, and his new artist-friendly record label, Nawa Recordings

Open Sesame Ola El Khalidi

Open Sesame

Mona Kareem’s reflections on Ola El-Khalidi’s ‘Open Sesame’ exhibition, which told the story of Kuwait’s Palestinian exiles through objects

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Witness from Baghdad

Witness from Baghdad

‘In this life I was stripped of my humanity, but I have retrieved what is more sublime, more noble, through my dreams’ – Halim Al Karim

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The Narcicyst

Iraq is the Bomb

‘It is our time as Arabs. Arab will be the new cool’ – Megan Bénéat-Donald in conversation with Iraqi-Canadian musician The Narcicyst