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Bouchra Khalili

Crosstown Traffic

Moroccan-French artist Bouchra Khalili tackles issues of migration, language, and conflict in her ongoing untitled solo exhibition at London’s Lisson Gallery

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Rokni Haerizadeh

A Perfect Storm

Nur Shkembi talks to curator Sara Raza about an ongoing exhibition of contemporary Middle Eastern and North African art at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City

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The Man from Oran

The Man from Oran

‘Welcome to Algiers, baby’ – Lyes Salem blends fact and fiction in his stirring film about the aftermath of the Algerian War of Independence

Rachid Djaidani Rengaine

Hold Back

‘There is no black and white – only a slew of murky grey areas, the red, white, and blue of the Tricolore, and the hushed hues of Paris at dusk’

Asad Faulwell

Bed of Broken Mirrors

A chat with Iranian-American artist Asad Faulwell about his Les Femmes d’Alger series and the role played by women in the Algerian War of Independence

Rachid Taha Zoom

Vive Rachid!

‘Taha’s got a brand new bag’ – Joobin Bekhrad’s reflections on Algerian rocker Rachid Taha and his latest studio album, ‘Zoom’

Haleh Anvari

A View from Afar

‘My family is here. I’m hanging here, torn between these two countries, these two realities. I belong to both these countries without being totally part of them’



Said Ould-Khalifa’s stirring portrayal of the origins of the Algerian War of Independence and its founding father, Ahmed Zabana