Palestinian Museum

At the Seams

Stitching together sociopolitical histories of Palestine in Beirut

It was a humid May’s evening in Beirut, and the city was crackling with energy as galleries, stores, and museums staged events as part of the city’s Annual Design Week. Tucked onto a side-street, the Dar El-Nimer Centre for Arts and Culture opened its doors to host the first-ever exhibition of the newly founded Palestinian Museum, At the Seams: A Political History of Palestinian Embroidery. Outside on an overflowing patio, waiters passed around glasses of wine and one could see trays of mushakhan and kibbe piled upon each other. The crowd was a mix of the Beiruti elite, ‘artsy’ types, and foreign journalists. Some of the embroiderers were there as well, standing proudly beside their works and the videos they appeared in.

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