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Reem Al Faisal

Shiny Happy People

‘In a way, we put photography on the map in the Middle East, and people started to talk about it, even if they didn’t understand it’ – Reem Al Faisal in conversation with Joobin Bekhrad

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Filming on the Fringe

‘Cinema is a tough place to be’ – an interview with Saudi Arabia and Yemen’s first female filmmakers, Haifaa Al Mansour & Khadija Al-Salami

Manal Al Dowayan

A Journey of Belonging

Joobin Bekhrad talks to acclaimed Saudi artist Manal Al Dowayan about the works in her retrospective exhibition at Jeddah’s Athr Gallery

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Mohannad Orabi

Jeddah Art Week

Mario El Khoury on the sights and sounds of the exhibitions, symposiums, and cultural events of February’s groundbreaking Jeddah Art Week

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Jowhara Al Saud

Viva La Evolucion

While some would consider talking about a sort of revolution, others would prefer to look at the artistic happenings in Saudi Arabia as an evolution

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Sarah Abu Abdallah - Alaan Artspace

Be Here Now

With a burgeoning art scene and myriad institutions blossoming around the country, there’s never been a better time to be an artist in Saudi Arabia

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