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Reem Al Faisal

Shiny Happy People

‘In a way, we put photography on the map in the Middle East, and people started to talk about it, even if they didn’t understand it’ – Reem Al Faisal in conversation with Joobin Bekhrad

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Youssef Nabil

I Saved My Belly Dancer

Youssef Nabil talks to Natasha Morris about his childhood, his fascination with the ‘Golden Age’ of Egyptian cinema, and his new series of work revolving around the figure of the belly dancer

Mohammed AlKouh

In Living Colour

Artist Tareq Sayed Rajab de Montfort talks to Mohammed AlKouh about his romantic and ethereal hand-coloured photographs of the quotidian in Kuwait

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Bahman Jalali

Portrait of a Nation

From the palaces of Nasereddin Shah-e Qajar to the battlegrounds of the Iran-Iraq War, Sanaz Jamloo examines the development of photography in Iran and the social upheavals associated with it

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Shirin Neshat

Then and Now

A look at the works on display in the first part of an exhibition of contemporary photography from the Middle East and North Africa at LACMA

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Ara Guler

In Search of Lost Time

Ara Güler’s photographs of Anatolia not only challenge distinctions between photojournalism and art, but also notions of Turkish history and identity

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