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Little Syria

Syrian Blues

Ian Nagoski delves into the musical history of New York City’s Middle Eastern community in the early 20th century and the story of one of its all-but-forgotten virtuosos

Hamed Nikpay

Waiting for the Sun

‘Day and night I tore myself to shreds so the sun would come …’ – a reflection on Hamed Nikpay’s performance at the Tirgan Iranian Festival

Alim Qasimov

A Soul Aflame

A review of Sashar Zarif and Alim Qasimov’s bold new take on the art of mugham, with a look at the history and culture of Azerbaijan

The Narcicyst

Iraq is the Bomb

‘It is our time as Arabs. Arab will be the new cool’ – Megan Bénéat-Donald in conversation with Iraqi-Canadian musician The Narcicyst