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Triple Threat

Valeriya Nakshun and Franz Afraim Katzir of Sephardic Heritage in D.C. (SHIN-DC) talk to the Haim sisters about the Yemenite-Jewish musical phenomenon that is A-WA

Sayed Kashua


Sarah Aziza chats with acclaimed Hebrew-language author Sayed Kashua about the Arab-Israeli experience and his latest book, Native: Dispatches from an Israeli-Palestinian Life

Larissa Sansour


In the third and final installment of her science fiction trilogy, acclaimed artist Larissa Sansour explores Palestinian identity, the rewriting of history, and claims to Palestine

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Ofra Haza

Living on the Edge

Caught between his Dutch identity and a passion for Arab culture, Leo Kroonen found solace and salvation in the music of the Yemenite Jews of Israel

Ziad Doueiri - The Attack

The Attack

Acclaimed Lebanese filmmaker Ziad Doueiri talks to Joobin Bekhrad about his controversial new film, ‘The Attack’, currently banned across the Arab world