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Pashto Pop

Pirate Modernity

Perwana Nazif talks to Timothy P.A. Cooper and Abeera Arif Bashir of London’s Pirate Modernity radio programme about their search for some of Afghanistan’s funkiest sounds on tape

Qais Essar

Raag and Roll

Joobin Bekhrad chats with Afghan musician Qais Essar about his latest album, Tavern of Ruin, and how he’s been giving the music of the robab a contemporary kick

Sissi Farassat

Rug of War

Elnaz Bokharachi reflects on the phenomenon of war rugs in Afghanistan and the Afghan diaspora, as well as the longstanding tradition of rug weaving amongst the Iranian peoples

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Kabul Dreams

Kabul Dreams

Kicking out the jams, kranking up the volume: Sulyman Qardash of Kabul Dreams talks punk, rocking in Afghanistan, receiving threats from the Taliban, and getting friendly with Metallica

The Fruit of Our Labour

The Fruit of Our Labour

‘This is a new Afghanistan – one in which the camera’s gaze is not a metaphor for power inequities, but a tool through which power and politics can be debated’