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Bahman Mohassess

Iran: Unedited History

Natasha Morris on an ambitious exhibition of contemporary Iranian art at Paris’ Musée d’Art Moderne spanning over 50 years and featuring over 200 works by over 20 artists

Rachid Djaidani Rengaine

Hold Back

‘There is no black and white – only a slew of murky grey areas, the red, white, and blue of the Tricolore, and the hushed hues of Paris at dusk’

Asad Faulwell

Bed of Broken Mirrors

A chat with Iranian-American artist Asad Faulwell about his Les Femmes d’Alger series and the role played by women in the Algerian War of Independence

Soad Hosny

Memento Mori

A conversation with Alia Al-Senussi and Abdullah Al-Turki, two curators of the ICA’s inaugural ‘Cinema on the Steps’ film festival in London

Omar Hany Abu Assad

Welcome to the Jungle

A look at the use of simian symbolism in ‘Omar’ by Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad, and ‘Bastardo’ by Tunisian director Nejib Belkadhi


Revolution and Desire

A conversation with Beirut-based art & film curator Rasha Salti about the Middle Eastern highlights of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival