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Threads of Continuity

Kriti Bajaj remembers a recent trio of New Delhi-based exhibitions involving India, Iran, and the UK, which provided a novel and comprehensive overview of Zoroastrian culture, art, and identity

Ali Taptik

Istanbul – Passion, Joy, Fury

Charlie Clarkson looks back on a major group exhibition of artists at the MAXXI in Rome, which addressed a slew of issues concerning present-day Istanbul and Turkey as a whole

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Fables for Adults

Miniature paintings, big trouble, not a damn given – Joseph Flaherty travels to Istanbul to visit the studio of the artist formerly known as Canan ┼×enol

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Diana Al Hadid

Phantom Limb

Shahira Kudsi examines Phantom Limb, Syrian-American artist Diana Al-Hadid’s first solo exhibition in the Middle East, currently on view at New York University Abu Dhabi

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Mea Culpa

‘It reads as a poem for those who cannot shake the feeling of having left something behind’ – Sayantan Mukhopadhyay on Mea Culpa, Ghazel’s latest solo exhibition in Dubai

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Magic of Persia

Remembering Tomorrow

Magic of Persia’s Shirley Elghanian gives Joobin Bekhrad the skinny on her foundation’s upcoming exclusive gala and auction of contemporary Iranian art in Dubai

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Reem Al Faisal

Shiny Happy People

‘In a way, we put photography on the map in the Middle East, and people started to talk about it, even if they didn’t understand it’ – Reem Al Faisal in conversation with Joobin Bekhrad

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Youssef Nabil

I Saved My Belly Dancer

Youssef Nabil talks to Natasha Morris about his childhood, his fascination with the ‘Golden Age’ of Egyptian cinema, and his new series of work revolving around the figure of the belly dancer