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Jumana Emil Abboud

Points of Departure

‘Palestine … is a possibility, a potentiality constantly on the threshold of physical reality’ – Rima Chahrour on the ‘Points of Departure’ exhibition at the ICA

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Belmin Soylemez - Present Tense

Anatolia Dreamin’

‘Nonetheless, the coffee is poured once again, conjuring memories of unachievable dreams and desires ever destined to be effaced’

Nadim Karam

Shooting the Cloud

‘Karam’s figures are sublime, mentally, ideologically, and physically transcending the socio-historical pressures of Lebanon’

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Mohammed Rawas

All Dolled Up

Rima Chahrour of Lebanese artist collective The Freaks looks at the use of dolls in the works of Zena El Khalil and Mohammad Rawas

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